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Name:Mr. edi santoso [Marketing]
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Y!: ap.movers@yahoo.com Y!: ap.movers
Mobile Number:085210390804
Phone Number:02171683252
Fax Number:02141609792
Address:Jl.Lebak Bulus 1 No 1B
Jakarta-Selatan 12440, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Jan. 27, 2012
Last Updated:Feb. 03, 2012
Business Nature:Service of Transportation category

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Company Brief

ap-mover ( apik pack movers) is a service company engaged in the provision of services as following:
Moving Services Home
Apartment Moving Services
Office Moving Services
Moving Services Factory
Moving Services Warehouse
Moving Services Shop
Moving Services Rukan
Boarding Moving Services
Heavy Equipment Moving Services
Moving Services Brandkas
Moving Services Genset
Piano Moving Services
Crystal Light Moving Services
Moving Services Server
O Roll Pack Moving Services
Moving Services ATM Machines
Moving Mobile Services
Service Box Packaging Cartons
Wooden Box Packaging Services
Crate Packaging Services
Meanwhile, our warehousing services cater for Storage Service for commercial goods, furniture and vehicles. With the experience of our team are more than 10 years in this industry make sure we can provide the best solution for a plan moving your goods. Services Including Packing of goods, personnel transportation and loading and unloading, transportation and realignment at the destination location.

Major Products / Services
  • Jasa Pindahan APIK PACK MOVERS
    Ap movers melayani jasa pindahan rumah, pindahan kantor, pindahan pabrik, pindahan gudang, pindahan apartemen, pindahan sekolah, pindahan labolatorium, pindahan piano domestic maupun international (door to door) dan lain-lain
    lokasi : jln lebak bulus 1 No 1B Jakarta selatan
    Telp : 021 71683252
    mobile : 0812 1050 9363
    website : www.ap-movers.com
  • Jasa Pindahan Rumah Jakarta selatan
    Ap-movers Melayani jasa pengiriman barang domestic & International Jasa Pindahan Rumah Jasa Pindahan Apartemen Jasa pindahan Kantor Jasa pengepakan Jasa Pemindahan Alat-alat berat jasa penyimpanan

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